AOA Tribal Art Miami

In 2011, AOA Tribal Art – Miami was established as the first and only AOA Tribal Art and Jewelery Exhibition during Miami’s famed Art Week.

Each year in December thousands of art collectors, dealers, curators, and artists head to the contemporary art fairs in the art districts of Midtown, Wynwood and Miami Beach.

This unique show which features the arts of (AOA) which is an acronym used by major museums, auction houses and galleries, that stands for Africa (usually sub-saharan), Oceania and the Americas. Oceania typically includes Australia, Melanesia, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Many art lovers, collectors and scholars are aware of the link between AOA and it’s influence on modern art by way of Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani and their contemporaries.

AOA Tribal Art – Miami showcases the highest quality traditional arts of Africa, Oceania & the Americas curated by a selective number of international primitive art experts.